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Winfried Dressler (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 17:32:57 +0200

Replying to LO22711 --


>Too often the "interdisciplinary" means adding a course in Great Books to
>the engineering curriculum, which is addition, not interfusion.
>How do you like this?


So we know what we want: Interfusion of technical subjects with its
historical roots and connected responsibilites, the ability of a "master
of a discipline" to commute with society in a fruitful way.

We know why we want it: "the technical subjects which are now socially
necessary acquire a humane direction."

And we know what we want to avoid: Fachidiots and jacks of all trade.

Finally there is some evidence that "adding a course in Great Books to the
engineering curriculum" does not fulfill this program.

Any ideas how to fulfill this program? Experiences?

Liebe Gruesse,



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