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Leo Minnigh answered this thread which today's digest had contributions of
At deLange and Winfried Dressler. Leo outlined a process of learning which
I thought was uniquely succinct and replicable. (RL referred to Rote
Learning and AL to Authentic Learning.

Leo said:
"So maybe I can try to compose the following historical steps
(starting with Eve and Adam):

1. collection of data through RL
2. this gives rise (inside Eve and/or Adam) to knowledge by means of
3. this knowledge escapes from Eve and/or Adam as information
4. this information together with old and newly collected data is
collected by the next generation through RL
5. return to 2), but change Eve and/or Adam by 'next generation'.

I think that this is the way to feed the total energy of a person, and
thus the potential free energy. If next generations will not explode
(becoming crazy or committing suicide) because of the building-up of
internal energy (by the injection of data and information from their
surroundings), they have to do AL, releasing the free energy by means of
the creation of knowledge. "

Leo, would you please expand on point #3, where you say knowledge escapes
from the first generation as information. Do you mean through the
observation of 'knowledge into action' by others (potentially he second
generation)? Or something else? This seems to be a most crucial stage of
the process.


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