The flower that supports the mountain. LO22743
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:33:11 EDT

Dear Learners,

Someone asked me to explain At de Lange's ideas on 'free energy'.

We paused. I reflected.

I said, Look do you see that flower, the deep red one?

She smiled, leaned over toward it and smelt the fragrance of the perfume.

I said, There, THAT is free energy!

She smilingly said, Aha! the flower, its colour and perfume they are free

I said, smilingly, Radhika Jacqueline Shrestha, your leaningful
learningful smile is FREEest energy.

She smiled, I smiled and the rose smiled too.

We laughedly and skippedlingly trundled all the slipping leaningly and
learningfully longly way homely.

Best wishes,

Andrew Campbell


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