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Gavin Ritz (garritz@xtra.co.nz)
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 17:51:19 +1200

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Dear John

Goodness me I did not say that at all, all I was saying that there are
many things that an LO cannot do, interesting you mention Piaget as his
theory is also a discontinuity theory which says that at different ages
certain learning or cognitive things take place. In Jaques Stratified
Systems Theory he purports that this is the same in organisations and has
more to do with how the structure of the the organisation is designed
around this discontinuous theory. What I was saying in fact was if the
structure of the organisation was not well designed learning cannot take
place. No matter how innovative you are, innovation at strategic level is
very different from the innovation of a first line manager or a toolmaker
etc. The structure therefore has to be in place before any learning or
innovation can take place. Piaget's learning level is called verbal
symbolic by Jaques, you might want to read his book on Human Capability.

Kindest Gavin

John Gunkler wrote:

> As I read Gavin Ritz's recent list of things that a LO cannot do
> (Behavioral Competencies for LO LO22741), I realized [again -- for the
> 95th time] how far apart we all are in our personal definitions of
> "learning organization." The most startling realization, for me, in
> Gavin's list was the he (I apologize, Gavin, if I'm wrong) sees a LO as
> being some kind of sub-group within a larger organization, something like
> a "learning department." Is that how others see LO's?

[Huge snip by your host...]


Gavin Ritz <garritz@xtra.co.nz>

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