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Steve (and the rest of you who are interested),

I think I've probably spent too much time with this already because I
don't feel as if we're getting anywhere.

No, the point about my wife (and every other musician I've ever met at her
level -- i.e., conservatory trained, professional, member of an orchestra)
is not a point about workaholicism. It is a point about
overspecialization. Sure, one of their excuses for overspecialization is
"we don't have enough time." But isn't that your point, too? Haven't you
written about how taking time to study other things takes away doing what
is essential for becoming a specialist in one's field? Well, there lay my
point. I believe that, at least to some extent, such an "excuse" is
balderdash. A reasonable amount of time spent learning other things is
not wasted -- and it doesn't even result in less learning/capability in
your specialization! And that's what I tried to say in my previous



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