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Mon, 4 Oct 1999 16:46:23 EDT

Replying to LO22764 --

I've lurked on this list for a good long time and this will be my first
contribution but the discussion on LO in Hospitals has peaked my interest.
Up until 2 years ago, I had spent my entire career in health care. The
last 12 years were spent managing the OD function for a large healthcare

I have not had the chance to read all of the postings on this topic but
from the ones I've read, I wonder if we are defining the concept of LO too
narrowly. It seems we are looking at education geared toward different
groups of healthcare professionals and concluding that this process is
meeting the learning needs of these groups and then assuming that the
needs of the larger organization are also being met.

In addition to managing OD, I also managed the Training and Development
function for two hospitals in a four hospital system. We provided
education and training to all the different types of professionals. Much
of this training was mandated by either state or by mandatory continuing
education guidelines. Many of the professionals looked for and chose the
easiest way out of this requirement that they could and often, very little
if any, learning took place.

Therefore, I don't believe that a lot of the training or education that
goes on in healthcare is true learning but rather, an attempt to meet

Could healthcare benefit by learning how to become a learning
organization???? ABSOLUTELY!!! Perhaps no industry is more divided in
"silos" than the healthcare industry. Additionally, most HC organizations
are still managed by heirarchy and chain of command. There isn't much
opportunity for different groups to get together and brainstorm ideas,
critique existing practices or together, envision better ways of operating
TOGETHER. Is it happening yet?? Not that I have seen but I hope there
are some organizations out there that can prove me wrong.

By the way, I guess a lot depends on your definition and understanding of
the LO. The LO in my mind is a place where all of the players have been
taught and supported in the process of dialogue for the purpose of sharing
information and learning together how to perform better for both the
customers, employees and stakeholders.

Nancy Probst



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