Linear thinking LO22796
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 19:32:00 EDT

Replying to LO22781 --

Esteemed Group,

I agree with Vana on the typical meaning of "Linear Thinker"....

"The linear thinker moves one mental step at a time down the path of
logic, consuming and digesting each piece of information before moving to
the next."

I would also add that "linear" also excludes; nonlinear feedback,
double-loop learning, delayed feedback, leveraged action, power laws and
other "systems" and complexity qualities.

Linear tends to refer to refer to "detail complexity" Vs "dynamic
complexity". Linear being able to "drill down" to greater levels of
detail while nonlinear or "Holistic" does not break down and still make

The ultimate nonlinear thinker is God (or Tao) since all is contained
within it and includes the set of all thoughts..... now that's global!

Very far from equilibrium,
Chuck Wallace


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