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> A while back we discussed a unique product from ThirdVoice, which
> (non-destructively) lets you plaster "sticky notes" over any page on
> the Web -- any other ThirdVoice-equipped user can then read your
> comments ( Thus, communities of
> discussion are born around any Web page. But these are not
> real-time communities; similar to a Newsgroup, you go back
> periodically to see what notes others have left on the virtual wall.

In abstract terms, this is the practice of saying things about people
behind their back. We are intrigued by technology that promotes
clandestine communication? From an LO point of view, what are we talking
about? Why are we lauding a tool such as this that blatantly disregards
advocacy and inquirey? Where is the respect, sensitivity, honesty,
integrity, any hint of Kantian ethics? The anticipation of consequences?
Promoting the common good? This is the antithesis of every one of the five
disciplines. Perhaps as diciplies of the Fifth Discipline we should
remember that technology is not spelled


In disbelief,

Bill Braun

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[Host's Note: Hmm... I'm wondering if we have different ideas of what
these systems are.. ..Rick]


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