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>[Host's Note: Hmm... I'm wondering if we have different ideas of what
>these systems are.. ..Rick]

Hi Rick,

I may have missed the mark. This is the scenario. I visit the LEARNING-ORG
web site and on one of the pages I leave a note that says Rick Karash is a
cad and a lout. I enumerate your shortcomings and level several
accusations etc. [Mock specifics removed by your host...] I sign the note
"warrior for justice". I then return every day and, using a different name
(such as it is called), fabricate a "discussion" that conveniently has the
majority of people agreeing that you are indeed a horrible person and
should be dealt with accordingly.

Questions: How will you even now that it is there? Do you now have to
visit every page on your web site everyday to see if someone has left a
note? If you reply, what do you say?

The mystery to me is which of the Five Disciplines suggests this is noble
and honorable behavior? What learning is taking place? How is the
LEARNING-ORG organization strengthened? What personal mastery is being
tended to? What is "warrior for justice" contributing to trust and shared
vision if I won't even reveal who I really am? What team learning is
taking place?

We're right back to reductionism. Privileged communication, no advocacy,
no inquiry, mental models run amuck. How could you, in the best of faith,
open a dialog with me when I'm cloaking myself behind "nom de plumes" and
choosing to communicate by leaving messages about you (not even to you) on
the wall above the commode?

Shared vision? Harumph. This is the antithesis of shared vision. I going
for the cheap shot to the knees and I won't even reveal myself. I don't
even show you the common decency of telling you to your face what my
concerns are.

Personal vision? I'm afraid to ask. What in heaven's name does this say
about me?

My blood pressure is falling back into normal range, albeit still at the
upper end. I think I'm losing the high pitch to my voice (aka off the deep
end pitch). Seems to me that if we are truly aspiring to be learning
organizations, we should make mechanisms available to solicit and accept
feedback. Every web site can have a public feedback page, threaded
discussion, all comers welcome. The communication is public, everyone can
participate. That's such a darn good idea I think I'll take my own advice
and put one on our web page.

Best regards,

Bill Braun

The Health Systems Group
- Physician Leadership Training
- Simulation Modeling for Healthcare


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