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Chet Meek (CMeek@edc.gov.ab.ca)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 12:03:36 -0600

Greetings all,

In an attempt to help newcomers to become familiar with Learning
Organizations, we have posted two web pages:

Index of Links to Learning Organization Websites
http://www.city.grande-prairie.ab.ca/ccy_lo.htm and

Index of Links to Knowledge Management Websites

They are appendices to an article "Two Effective Ideas for Continuous
Learning" on a list which I moderate in another life, and which was
distributed today. The article provides brief introductory remarks about
each, and is on-line at:


I have posted this note here partly to offer these indices to those of you
for whom they might be helpful, and partly to invite the more experienced
among you to send any suggested additions for either of them.

Both indices have more or less of a policy or management flavor (as
opposed to an operational or implementation flavor); and somewhat of a
government (or at least non-commercial) bias.

Suggestions are welcome. Please send them to me directly. If significant
changes are made, I will re-post revised editions in due course.

Thanks for your attention (and any help). Have a great day.

- Chet.

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[Host's Note: Chet, thanks for creating and posting these indexes.


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