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Dear Organlearners,

Winfried Dressler <> writes:

>Thank you Leo for following up this thread. You remind me
>that I have left a question from At open and you provide a
>clue which allows me to try to answer. So while I pick up
>your mail as a catalyst, I am responding to At de Lange
>>Is "protection" not the thing which comes to our mind when
>>that harmony is diminished, i.e when liveness gets impaired?
>This is not what I had in mind with "protection".
(explanation snipped)

Greetings Winfried,

Thank you very much for the explanation.

The problem was with me. I looked at the word "harness" from a negative
state of mind and assumed you were doing it also.

It is difficult here in South Africa to maintain a positive state of mind
even when knowing how a negative state of mind develops and what it can
do. You have illustrated what a LO have to do -- among others, helping us
to maintain a positive state of mind.

When people plunge from one destructive immergence to another while
expecting constructive emergences to happen by sheer luck (serendipity),
they begin to develop a negative state of mind. In their pain and as a
token crying for help they hit out with destructions so vile that the
"national mind" can easily become negative. I have seen it happening here
in South Africa during the last ten years of apartheid. It is happening
again because of promises made, but not kept.

Arrogance, murder, rape, robbery and slander are now the highest ever in
South Africa and among the highest in the world. Guess the scape goat?
Apartheid buried 6 years ago -- the abominable ruling from the grave.

>At, I very much appreciate your enormous effort you put
>into the competence side in your last mails, starting (as
>I can see) with the discussion on "one to many mapping",
>going to point out the vital importance of changes of change
>and now supplementing this with "linear thinking". I have to
>see, what I can do with this.

Thank you Winfried. I have almost completed "Seven hoodlums of
Organisations". I fear to release it because it delves into destructive

I know of places like Pella in the desert where the temperature can become
as high as 55 C (130F). I have taken during the course of time some
friends from Europe (Holland, Germany, Norway, UK) there. They have never
even experienced 40C. Yet their bodies can withstand 55C. But it is their
minds which cannot take it.

(See of you can find Pella on your maps. Look for Bushmanland south of
the Orange River and to its west. Look for a small town called Pofadder
(kind of rattle snake) west of a bigger town called Upington. Look for the
settlement Pella north of Pofadder, close to the Orange River.)

Yes, the seven essentialities protects us. They provide us with a
"harness". Yet, there is more to it.

Each of us needs a friend to take each of us to some spiritual Pella where
the the temperature of chaos is high, someone who knows what will happen
and who knows how to take care of the spirit. This is what a LO stands

I want to take you all to a certain spiritual Pella where it is perhaps
too hot for me to care for you. That is why I excercise your minds so that
you can do your part.

Best wishes


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