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>I am after a best practice model for a learning organization. I am
>unsure where to get one and am hoping you can help !!


I have been a member of this list for close on a couple of years, and have
seen a number of similar questions to yours .. and suggestions by members.

I am on the last day of the distance learning course run by KEU. The
instructor is one Etienne Wenger. His Ph.D. was based on Communities of
Practice (CoP). I have read about these from suggested reading websites
by LO list members. Wenger also has a book .. Communities of Practice
published by CUP. It is just about to be re-published in paperback

The course has been all about:-
1. basic definitions of a CoP,
2. some contrast v teams, informal networks, formal units,
3. the value of communities of practice,
4. how a knowledge management strategy can be based on CoPs,
5. how to develop CoPs,
6. .. and series of key subtleties found between CoPs and other learning

The course has lasted 3 weeks, and demands about 2 hours per day, at least
1 hour on-line. There is a superb library of articles about CoPs
available from some very eminent authors and practitioners.

The course runs as a group of folk who themselves try and set up a CoP,
and their topic is ^Ólearning how to create a CoP! It has worked very
well, and I thoroughly recommend it to you.

It runs I think half-yearly.

I know that Rick (host of this list) has done the course .. I have seen
entries of his in the Cybrary! He also spoke highly of it some months

[Host's Note: And... again now: Wenger's course is excellent. ..Rick]

I suggest you access the following websites, and read through for

All in all, it is by far the most persuasive organizational model for an
LO I have found.. and I have looked at many. It is NOT technology based;
rather, it uses the natural willingness of folk who trust each other to
learn, and share their learning.

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