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Mon, 11 Oct 1999 14:32:14 PDT

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hi my name is Joy Vatsyayann and i am a student doing my masters in MS...
just a naive suggestion....about the best practice model for LO....there
is none. i mean there are a lot of models and basic ones too that give
best summation of LO prinicples and learnings...however systems thinking
teaches me one thing above all else..that there is no best model for
anything except the model you create urself for ur situation by reading
and embibing all knowledge that is out there.

so i personally would look at all the models, sit back, think what
situation i am in and why i need this LO model...and tailor one for me
which may have features cut and paste into one best fit model for that
moment. also, when i move to another situation i would revisit my
knowledge banks (limited :)) and start form scratch again, only
incorporating all the learnings from the learning cycle one so to speak
.... and ofcourse through this cut and paste journey i always try and keep
the rich big picture in focus so that im not cutting and pasting at random

sorry....i know i am kinda a goof but i try and say things when i feel
like saying something. apologies for any silliness.

joy vatsyayann
Masters Student
University of Waikato
New Zealand


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