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Richard Karash (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:33:26 -0400

Replying to LO22827 --

Hello Bill --

I apologize; at first I thought there was a different understanding of
what these systems might do. I now see that it was a different vision of
the possible uses that might be made of these technologies.

I agree completely that your scenario is disturbing, unethical, and
dangerous. It is certainly not a learning organization.

Now, it strikes me that all the bad things you mentioned could occur right
now if someone did your evil trick in another discussion list ("You know
Rick, the moderator of that LO list.. Well, he's a... etc.") and this
could go on without my knowing.

So, what's the new element that got your attention about ThirdVoice and
Hypernix? It may be that these could attach the notes to the LO pages in a
way that only those with the software would see. So, install the software
and go look at your favorite web sites to find a few with interesting
notes that are invisible to most of the regular participants.

Part of the danger is that these "add-on" technologies probably won't be
mainstream, so only a few will have the software. If everyone had this in
their browser, it wouldn't create the problem you describe (because the
comments would be out in the open for all to see).

Yes, this is disturbing. But I've always been very aware of technology and
see lots of whiz-bang things that are even more disturbing than this.
(Hidden attacks on personal privacy, for example, are a hot button for
me.) As far as ThirdVoice, well... I'm conscious of the possibility of
people talking behind my back. Don't like it, but I don't worry about it

Now, Walter's original mention of this was to bring up the possibility of
increased collaboration when all members of a group had the software and
could share their comments about web sites. That has a positive flavor.

Thanks for the followup msg on this.

-=- Rick

> >[Host's Note: Hmm... I'm wondering if we have different ideas of what
>>these systems are.. ..Rick]
>Hi Rick,
>I may have missed the mark. This is the scenario. I visit the LEARNING-ORG
>web site and on one of the pages I leave a note that says Rick Karash is a
>cad and a lout. I enumerate your shortcomings and level several
>accusations etc. [Mock specifics removed by your host...] I sign the note
>"warrior for justice". I then return every day and, using a different name
>(such as it is called), fabricate a "discussion" that conveniently has the
>majority of people agreeing that you are indeed a horrible person and
>should be dealt with accordingly.



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