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Nick Heap (nickheap@tesco.net)
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 10:23:00 +0100

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Dear Joe and all,

Thank you Joe for reminding me about the Little Prince, I will now read it

My daughter, Rachel, has had the following verse on her wall for many
years. I don't know where it comes from, but I like it.

"If you love something,
set it free,
then if it comes back,
it's your's,
and if it does not,
it never was."

I have noticed that in good relationships, good teams and good
organisations, people are more free to grow and be themselves than they
are on their own. It is so hard to let other people be what they want to

Many years a go I met a young mother, Christiane, she was with her child
of one to two years old in a way that seemed so right. I asked her how she
thought about parenting. She explained that all souls arriving on Earth
have a job to do. Her job as parent was to provide the conditions under
which her daughter could grow so she could do her unique job. She was not
to try and mould her into Christiane's idea of what she should become. She
was setting her daughter free, in Rachel's sense.This experience and
conversation is still vivid.

How can we increase the amount of love in our worlds?

Best wishes,

Nick Heap nickheap@tesco.net

> Nick's definition and examples sound to me a lot like what Antoine de
> Saint-Exupery meant by "taming." See the attached Jotting.
> Joe Podolsky
> joe_podolsky@hp.com


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