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Call for Papers

Educating Knowledge Workers for Corporate

7th Annual EDINEB International Conference

June 21 - 23, 2000

At Newport Beach Marriott Hotel, Newport Beach,
California, USA

Creative, intellectual capital is generally
considered to be one of the greatest assets of an
organization or business firm. Companies not only
compete on quality, service and timeliness, but
also on knowledge. It is increasingly recognized
that organizations have to be effective at
creating or acquiring new knowledge and
successfully applying that knowledge to their own
activities. These demands place a high premium on
the way work is organized and knowledge workers
are selected and prepared for corporate

The business world is asking management schools
to deliver innovative learning systems adapted to
their specific training needs. But business
schools are facing a strain of competitive
educational initiatives offered by corporate
universities and business training centers.
Should they resist, react, or redefine the
academic role for business society?

The 2000 International Conference of EDINEB
offers an exceptional opportunity to collaborate
and network with people from the academic world,
corporate training centers, and consulting firms.
The central focus on the conference theme is
highlighted from different perspectives of
professional training centers, business
organizations, and business schools. EDINEB
designs a variety of session formats to provide
different platforms for learning by participants.

We welcome abstract submissions on any topic
related to the themes below.
* Connecting business education with the needs of
the corporate world
* Innovative learning systems for knowledge
workers in business organizations
* Identification of knowledge and skills needed
by academic graduates, knowledge workers, and
* Selection and coaching of business graduates at
* Models of innovative corporate training
* Critical appraisal of the interdependency
between academic institutions, academic theory,
business practice, and business organizations
* New perspectives about producing knowledge and
its role in business organizations
* (Re)design of knowledge management, learning
systems, and training for corporate leadership
* Measurement tools for learning, transfer of
knowledge, and organizational change

Guidelines for Abstracts

Abstracts (500 word maximum) should contain
author(s) name(s), title/position, institution,
address, telephone, fax number, and email
address. Abstracts will be published in the
official program. Abstract submissions should be
received on or before December 15, 1999. Authors
will be notified of status regarding abstracts
end of January 2000. Send abstracts (preferably
by email) to:

Fax: ++31 43 3884801


Proposals for workshops should include a
description of the activities proposed and the
likely benefits for participants. Please indicate
the preferred duration of your workshop and the
maximum number of participants


Symposia will be scheduled for a two-hour period,
to allow a number of speakers and time for
discussion. Symposia are dedicated to a general
theme, allowing different contributors to present
different perspectives. Symposium proposals
should include the names of contributors and
brief abstracts (maximum 500 words) for each of
the contributors.

Paper Presentations

Paper presentations are scheduled for 40 minutes (including 10 minutes for

Guidelines for Publication

Full papers should be available at the conference. A selection of conference
papers will be considered for publication in the EDINEB series: Educational
Innovation in Economics and Business Volume 7, published by Kluwer Academic
Publishers. Subsequent information regarding conference guidelines and
publications will be forthcoming. Information about the EDINEB publication
series can be found at

The EDINEB Network

At the December 1993 EDINEB Conference
(Maastricht, the Netherlands) the EDINEB Network
was founded to serve as a continual basis for
exchanging experiences and knowledge about
educational innovation in economics and business.
Among the activities of this Network are
workshops, providing expertise about innovations,
publications (Series on Educational Innovation in
Economics and Business, published by Kluwer
Academic Publishers), international conferences,
and other forms of exchange. Network members have
served both education and industry in the
development of innovative practices across Europe
and the United States. Information about EDINEB
can be found at


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