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Optimise your creation, organisation, diffusion, use and exploitation of


Top executives from companies across global industries lead a program
packed with cutting edge information at the latest Intranets for Knowledge
Management USA '99 Conference.

For those of you who haven't yet registered for the Conference, Seminar
and Exhibition, we'd like to provide you with an event update and

Visit our website today and download a
FREE white paper: "Knowledge Management :Practice versus Interest"

***Conference Overview***

Main 2 day conference: November 3 and 4, 1999. Seminar day: November 5,
1999. Location: Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco, California.

With an all-new streamed program to show you:
WHO are successfully exploiting Intranets for Knowledge Management - and
exactly how they're benefiting
HOW you can take advantage of the latest technologies to supercharge
your Knowledge Management strategy
WHAT the real payback is from successful Intranet and Knowledge
Management integration

Full conference program, details of tracks and sessions, as well as online
registration can be found at:
Alternatively, call Alex Daniel toll free by phone on 1800 814 3459 or fax
1800 814 3460.

*****Conference Update*****

The event features senior level speakers from high profile companies
including Pfizer, KLM, Mobil, Xerox, SmithKline Beecham, the FDIC, Chevron
and BT Worldwide, who reveal in detailed case studies how they have taken
advantage of using company intranets for managing and sharing information.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity of :
A flexible program which enables attendees to switch between
concurrent morning streams to get to hear the presentations you really
Furthering your knowledge and understanding with question and
answer sessions after each presentation, panel sessions, discussion
groups and a dedicated seminar on how to "Build Your Own Portal" by
Plumtree Software.
Excellent networking opportunities where you get to meet the
people who may make the real difference to your business in the coming

For those of you who haven't already confirmed your booking for the
conference, seminars and exhibition, places are limited so REGISTER your
place today!

Register on the web : or call Alex Daniel
toll free by phone on 1800 814 3459 or fax 1800 814 3460.

*****Exhibition update******

Get hands on! The exhibition will run through the duration of the 2 day
conference and will be the chance for you to talk to the experts about
your specific needs. Entrance is free for all conference attendees.

There is a limited number of stands still available. For details, contact
David on Tel: +44 171 400 9533 or Fax: +44 171 400 9596 or email

*****Make sure you attend*****

For full conference information and online booking, please visit

See you there!


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