Dreaming, asleep, awake and in LOs LO22927

Thu, 21 Oct 1999 02:18:45 EDT

Replying to LO22910 --

I, too, worry about being "present" at all times. Frankly, I'm not. I am
one of those types who is quick to assess a situation, wants a lot of
information in very little time, and then moves on. I really do have a
hard time listening if things get dragged out. Or, something I hear will
trigger an idea and I just mentally check out and follow the idea. I have
to remind myself constantly to listen, listen, listen. I do consider this
a weakness and one I have to be conscious of all the time. I like that
technique of having to restate someone else's position before stating
one's own. That keeps me "honest" and more focused. Good thing there are
lots of different types out there -- let's hear it for diversity of
learning styles! Harriett.



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