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There is another similarity between Chinese and Mexico, low respect for
police and the police being subject to bribes. Another is the need to
grease the right wheels to make something happen is a large part of both
cultures. And I might add a very frustrating one for this Yankee who has
done business in both cultures.

The US is not free of these bribing or greasing the wheels but we do have
less of it in US business.

The picture you paint of the self-image of the head of the house and
expectations of the members is a major difference between the US and
Mexico or China. Americans have for years come here with the idea that if
I work hard I can make life better for my family and me. Mexicans look for
the family, the government, and the patron to take care of them. And they
seem to believe the only way to be better off is for "them to give me".
Most Americans believe, "I can make a difference". I believe this
difference is the difference in why one culture has more and another has

Another interest point for speculation is why a culture has a particular
vision of the way it is.

Eugene Taurman

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