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In his recent post on Boundaryless Organizations (LO22915), At de Lange
wrote about "ground-breaking" books that really are simply rediscovering
or rephrasing previous knowledge. Forgive me if this is not accurately
stated - there may be more of my opinion here that At's!

I often think that, at some distant point in the future, we will arrive at
a level of knowledge that great philosophers and leaders have had for
thousands of years. The only difference is that we will have "proven"
that peace is preferable to war, that treating people with respect is
better than the parental relationship of hierarchy, and so on, where the
ancients (and not so ancients) have "known" this all along.

I think that one of the leading reasons LOs - and more open organizations
in general - struggle to exist is that most of us require some sort of
proof that the new method is better than the existing one. When I say
better, I mean not in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction, and so
on, as there is plenty of proof for that, but in terms of ego satisfaction
for those whose roles and goals will be threatened by any change.

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