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Steve asks:

> Has anyone read an article that might discuss the subject above?

There are a few problems with the question Steve. Primarily revolving
around the notion of "TQM". One of the problems Deming (who is often
misidentified as the father of TQM) had with TQM is operational
definition. Most of the literature of TQM is decidedly tools oriented.
Deming (The New Economics) on the other hand, lays a firm theory (the
System of Profound Knowledge) for coming to continuous improvement. Senge
worked with Deming before his death. You can see some of the
relationships between the two models at

In order to use the model, you will need to download "The Brain". I will
be publishing this as an html model as well.

For more immediate purposes, however, you can read "Quality in the Agile,
Learning Organization" at

Go to shared files to find the pdf version.

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