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I don't know if this is the one your client meant, because it's not called
"Win All You Can!" However, that is the supposed purpose and its real
purpose is, of course, to illustrate the value of collaboration. But
there is a game called "Roger's Game" that is described in a book called
Leadership Training through Gaming by Elizabeh Christopher and Larry Smith
(1987). Some of the details:

* facilitator is to announce that the game is "about winning and losing"
* select as leaders participants who are competitive by nature
* draw a matrix of six squares by six
* series of choices by teams whereby they play six games of "tic tac toe"
* playing result: no one wins or wins only through a mistake
* learning point: through collaboration each of two teams could have won
three games.

If you think this is the game and you'd like more information, feel free
to contact me offline and I can give you the playing details.



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[Host's Note:

Leadership Training Through Gaming : Power, People and Problem-Solving by Elizabeth M. Christopher, Larry E. Smith (but... Amazon says it's out of print.)


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