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>I agree with you that Deming is an outstanding mile post on the road of
>understanding Learning Organizations. I want to pay tribute to him with
>this contribution. But I also want to warn fellow learners that Deming was
>a complex person so that we should be careful not to make simplistic
>conclusions about him. (Should he not be complex when even I manage to
>find so much "irreversible self-organisation" sense in his writings ;-)

I have studied Deming's works for years and am still discovering his
genius. This man was so far ahead of his time that most still do not
understand the depth of his teachings. Little by little all his
management guidelines are being adopted.

One reason for the lack of American management's embrace is his placement
of responsibility squarely on their leadership's shoulders. He made it
clear that the "system of management" was ultimately to blame for a
particular company's failure... not the hardworking employees.

Deming's "System of Profound Knowledge" has it's roots in complexity
science. Study the two and you will see the "complexity" in this great

take care,
Chuck Wallace


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