Linear thinking & the Mind LO22968
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:20:31 EDT

Replying to LO22911 --


Thanks for the enlightening reply concerning complexity thinking and the
mind. I enjoyed it immensely! However, your reply sparks another
question... (actually several).

1) Since the basis for LOs are the learning "agents", How do we as
individuals break away from our structure of language which limits our
thoughts and ties us with the past? How do we transcend, Quantum leap or
avalanche through (catastrophe theory) our current culture while
simultaneously living within it?

2) When I am in my most enlightened moments, my mind acts more like a
"receiver" instead of a producer. That is, I tend to intuit or see past
my self but it involves listening and non-action Vs effort and becoming or
pushing. Can our minds learn to receive beyond our 5 senses the various
other "fields of information" that exist? Are we ready to see Bohm's
"Implicated Order" or Jung's "collective unconscious"?

Look forward to your replies.

Chuck Wallace


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