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Hello All

I have been on the list for a couple of months - so it's time to introduce
myself! I am a 27 year old New Zealander with a background in Industrial
Psychology, biochemistry, computers and learning .. which is just happens
to be great background for my current project which is putting together a
conference this December with the theme "living enterprises - creating
value from knowledge"..

I am one of the founding members of an Enterprise Network called SmartNet
set up in 1997 to connect business people, researchers, educators and
policy makers to enable networking and knowledge sharing across
traditional boundaries.. as these days everyone needs to be talking with
everyone... those involved communicate face to face at events and via our
list server .. the more people talk and share learning organisation
experiences across the better.. we just kind of facilitate it all and
create the space - physical or otherwise for it to happen...

Knowledge management is a key issue for businesses and government at the
moment in NZ as it is everywhere.. the ability to leverage knowledge is
the key in this global knowledge economy.. government policy is shifting
to recognise knowledge is the primary source of economic wealth..

In NZ we seem to have no shortage of innovative organisations, ideas,
great thinkers and leading edge technologies but the majority of companies
have probably lagged behind the global leaders in implementing practises
which leverage their intellectual capital effectively. The comparatively
small size of our organisations has been identified as a key reason why..
but things are changing quickly and management attention is rapidly

It is great to be able to link up with those who are at the forefront of
this.. as there is a lot to learn from those who have broken new ground..
so great to be in this list. And we are looking forward to welcoming
Thomas A Stewart, Fortune columnist and author of Intellectual Capital:
New wealth of organisations to NZ in December .. to enlighten us some

Sandra Lukey


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