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Steve Eskow wrote:

> ...the difficult part is getting beyond and behind the easy
> explanations...
> interviews of a deep kind may be needed to get at the real
> sources of the conflicts.

In the past 4 years I was responsible for the strategy of one product
group within a division consisting of a dozen product groups. People think
that I have done a good job and starting from December I am asked to
become a promotor of strategy development and coach of the general
managers of all product groups.

As you can imagine, I am thinking about how to get started. My conclusion
so far is that the best will be a one by one approach, concentrating on
one product group for two to four weeks at a time. Most crucial seems to
me to be the first contacts. I think of scheduling three to five
interviews "of a deep kind" in order to understand the product group.

Now my question (isn't this the first time that I ask for assistance from
all you consultants on the list, for whom my situation will be part of
daily routine?):

How would you structure such "getting into it" interviews?
What is most crucial to achieve?
What are the most dangerous pitfalls?
And generally: Do you agree with my approach so far?
What other questions should I ask in above short list?

I have no doubt that I have to create my own answers to those questions.
But any hint, know how, experiences are most welcome to enrich my picture.

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