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Eugene Taurman (ilx@execpc.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 09:50:52 -0700

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Sandra asks:

>Is anyone out there actively working on encouraging their people to be
>more creative? How are you doing this?

Yes many companies are. Those that do recognize the old saw, ''Necessity is
the Mother of invention."
and that creativity is in everyone not eh possession of a few.

When you collect data and describe a situation then ask for in put you
will get creative responses to the situation described. The creative
response will come from those who are involved in the process as well as
those on the periphery.

Try it gather the facts, show them in graphical form and worked form. Then
ask for potential situations in an environment where it is safe to speak
out. It can be amazing the creativity in an ordinary bloke.

Eugene Taurman

Great ideas will not solve the problems we see; the files are full of great
Quick solutions will not; company annals are full of starts and stops.
Only persistence, measuring results and working together will find the
better way.

Eugene Taurman


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