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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:56:16 EDT

Dear Learners,

I am moved to speak of 'two'.

But take care, not to make it INTWO a system ;-)

What moves me?

The sheer beauty of this,

>For me one of the greatest tasks of all members of any LO is not to break
>away impermeable walls prematurely, but to help each other to become
>prepared for the day when the breaking of that wall cannot be prevented
>any more. In other words, the task of the LO is not to remove the boundary
>most impermeable to it and thus to make it effectively boundaryless, but
>to prepare people by creating learning, believing and loving for the day
>when that boundary ceases to exist. Should we have no love for each other
>when the wall breaks up, we will do the vilest of things rather than serve
>each other with love as our helmsman and bridel.

Imagine, At de Lange has been replaced in his University department by
some bright, shinning new Doctor of this and/or that or the other.

Pecuniary times are hard and after wandering awhile in the desert, with
one leg being slightly shorter than the other At finds himself circled

Upon opening his study door he finds a vision of himself!


Another's vision perhaps?

'What are you doing there at my desk my old friend?' At enquires.

'I am reading all that you have written.'

'All that I have written, eh? So, in all that I have written, tell me if
you read best the black or the white parts!'

'Ah, yes. Indeed! I have always found that it is the white parts that
enable the black parts.'

They understood each other and the vision collapsed for another to take
its place.

In a cramped and dark room bent over a small table is a mystic, visionary
and poet. He has been in the fields all the nightlong ruminating upon the
loss of that which is like we have just spoken.

As night broke into day a lark broke into song startling the 'old man Night',
who lurked somewhere behind the watchtower.
He saw the lark as an angel. (He was forever seeing angels where others saw
inert solid objects or empty spaces.)
He spoke to himself something like this,

'Mounting upon the wings of light into the Great Expanse:
Re-echoing against the lovely blue and shining heavenly Shell:
His little throat and breast and wings vibrates with the effluence Divine
All Nature listens silent to him and the awful Sun
Stands still upon the Mountain looking on this little bird.'

And that vision collapsed and he was again at the table of/in reality.

He is now reading the 'black bits', a letter from a factory supervisor and
the letter speaks plain and simple of leaving out the voids in the material
object for the purpose of creating an illusion the better to enable the
'shifting of the reality'^I know, it makes so little sense, but remember,
this is the letter of a factory supervisor who fancies himself a 'visionary'
of another sort.

The letter speaks of correction,
' Dear Sir, I ought to have mentioned when the Terrine was sent to you that
the hole for the ladle in the cover should not be represented and which you
will be so good as to omit in the engraving,-' (which he had been paid to
produce among some several hundred others.)

The reply speaks like this,
' I send two more drawings with the First that I did, altered, having taken
out that part which expressed the hole for the ladle.' Adding, ' Any remarks
that you may be pleased to make will be thankfully received by Sir, your
humble servant.'

Then this vision of reality collapsed and, turning to the window ledge the
man picked up a scrap of paper and wrote this,

' And all this Vegetable World appeared on my left Foot,
As a bright sandal form'd immortal of precious stones and Gold:
I stooped down and bound it on to walk forward thro' Eternity.'

And once again the vision collapsed.

Now the both are too twogether (;-) and beside the deathbed of one who had
collapsed in some form of envisioned reality. The living one kissed him.
He then closed his eyes 'To keep the visions in.'

When he was good and gone I approached, with due caution and asked his
ghost for a gift.

He spoke something like this,

'The Microscope knows not of this nor the Telescope. They alter
The ratio of the Spectator's Organs but leave objects untouch'd
For every space larger than a red globule of Man's blood.
Is visionary: and it is created by the Hammer of Los
And every Space smaller than a Globule of Man's blood. Opens
Into Eternity of which this vegetable Earth is but a shadow:
The red Globule is the unwearied Sun Los created
To measure Time and Space to Mortal Men.'

I thought that extra-ordinarily FITTING.

The FORM is the VISION.

You cannot [I think] keep visions within, they are by nature without/within.

Best wishes

Andrew Campbell.

All quotes from William Blake. Born 1757-



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