The Distortion of Ideas LO22999

Fred Nickols (
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 03:29:41 -0400

Replying to Brian Gordon in LO22961 --

In the context of my remarks about muffed implementation leading to a
deterioration in the quality of solutions attempted, Brian asks why is it
that I believe subsequent solutions will inevitably be of lower quality?

Because I think we tend to queue up the best solution we can muster and if
we botch it at implementation time the next one will be of lesser quality.
Said a little differently, I find it hard to imagine that the outcome of a
botched implementation would be reflection articulated as follows: "Gee,
folks, we muffed that one. Well, let's go back to the drawing boards and
create an even better solution which we will not muff this time."
Instead, I imagine something like, "Drat! Now what? Oh well, let's go to
our fall back solution." I guess I'm a cynic.


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