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Hi Fred,

You said that

>In the context of my remarks about muffed implementation leading to a
>deterioration in the quality of solutions attempted...I think we tend to
>queue up the best solution we can muster and if we botch it at
>implementation time the next one will be of lesser quality.

Your statement implies to me that people, at least manager-type people,
are unlikely to learn from a mistake and correct their course. I do think
that the initial solution that was selected may not actually have been the
best one for the situation, but it may have been the most politically
acceptable one that looked like it would help. If management is
sufficiently motivated, I could see where, if the first "solution"
flopped, more honesty and openness is used in the next attempt.

Having said that, I think this is likely to occur in a struggling company,
not one that is financially secure, because there is no desperation
motivating people to be more open. I think that it is the secure
companies that try out the "fad of the year," every year, with no
appreciable change - except in the cynicism of the employees.

Live to Learn


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