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Michael Erickson (michael_erickson@ccnmail.com)
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 05:31:15 -0800

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Hello all...

Being no fan of heirarchy in any form, I can only point out what happens
among people at the point of a true disastor. If you recall the "self
organization" that occurrs when a hurricane hits a town, or something like
the school/church shootings happen.

People who are lator called "heros" step up and do what ever it is that is
required to bring aid, save lives, fight the bad guy...

I once sat for over an hour in the office of a 2nd or 3rd level manager in
my company as he explained in great detail (just to me) how "the pyramid
is a wonderful thing... It's got a great view from the top, and is a
wonderful place for dead bodies". He then said "Heirarchy destroys our

I don't believe there is anything worse than being forced to march "lock
step" through a crisis, shielding your eyes from the things you know to
do, at the command of some "bozo" who will decide for the group "who will
live a who will not". As Phil Condit - CEO of the Boeing Company says,
"none of us is as smart as all of us".

Crisis is only an excuse for meglomania (see historical references to
Adolph Hitler-another leader in crisis).


Michael Erickson

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