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Burson, Malcolm C (Malcolm.C.Burson@state.me.us)
26 Oct 1999 14:03:19 -0400

Fellow-learners -

In reading Peter Drucker's introductory comments on "why assumptions
matter" in _Management Challenges for the 21st Century_, p. 11, he makes
(apparently as an assumption that isn't to be 'suspended') the following

"Hierarchy," and the unquestioning acceptance of it by everyone in
the organization, is the only hope in a crisis.

He writes this in the context of saying that "other situations within the
same institutions require (different approaches, such as teamwork,
deliberation, etc.)"

What say you? Are there alternative structures / systems that are
effective in managing crisis? Or do we agree that at some critical
moments, every organization requires there to be a single decision maker
who, to use Drucker's language, "can expect to be obeyed."

And if we have an alternative, how would frame the inquiry for those who
accepted Drucker's model?

Malcolm Burson
Professional and Organizational Development Specialist
Maine Department of Environmental Protection


"Burson, Malcolm C" <Malcolm.C.Burson@state.me.us>

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