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AM de Lange (
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 10:06:40 +0200

Dear Organlearners,

What does somebody mean when saying
Do you have the guts to do it?

Do you still remember your maths in school? Do you still have nightmares
on the so called "word problems"? A "word problem" describe a problem in
words which the pupil then first have to translate into mathematical
formalism before he could solve it by using mathematical roles.

Well, it is time for me to remind you of that nightmares so that you can
dream them all over again ;-)

Here is some help. In my mothertongue we have a saying,
iterally translated, "I know it even into the guts". Perhaps
I should also help you to express your tacit knowledge by
making use of the following "dictionary":
/_\F <==> guts
W < 0 <==> you do
Then the saying above will translate intoo the expression
/_\G - W < 0 AND W < 0 IMPLY ....???.....
To solve this expression you have to tell what has to stand in
the ...??....

(Winfried, if you solve this one before the end of December, then I will
send you by courier an Adenia glauca to keep your Adenia spinosa company.
If you explain your solution so good to fellow learners on the list that
they understand it, I will send you an Adenia fruticosa too!)

Dear fellow learners, every time you go to sleep before having solved this
one, you might have a nightmare.

Happy day-dreams to all of you.

Best wishes


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