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Sat, 30 Oct 1999 20:14:29 EDT

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Your comments regarding Love...

>I could see, just, that we might be damaged by thinking too much about
>terrible, destructive and depressing things. Thinking about love in all
>its glory, passion, tenderness and ability to heal must be uplifting. The
>experiences I have had of loving and being loved are the peak experiences
>of my life. When I think about this my energy and will to make a
>contribution strengthens.

Again we are caught in trying to define "love". Like a beautiful dove,
once you confine "love" to it's cage it is not free to soar. Trying to
define "Love" tends to tie us to our old notions of love. The word is the
cage. "Mommy loves you" was my earliest memory for me and this keeps me
in the notion of love as affection or cathexis.

As I have grown spiritually, I now see "love" in more of a non-action or
non-feeling but in terms of a fostering of growth..... an unfolding of a
natural and magnificent order of which I am only capable of understanding
one-tenth of one-tenth of one percent!

"Doth not try to understand it all.. but empty thy soul and allow me to
enter therein"
the Holly Spirit

Take care,
Chuck Wallace



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