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Nick Heap (nickheap@tesco.net)
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 15:48:33 +0100

Replying to LO22965 --

Dear All,

I have to disagree that we should not think about love. Love is one of the
highest things, perhaps the highest thing, there is. Even small amounts of
knowledge and understanding about the highest things has to be worth some
struggle and risk.

I could see, just, that we might be damaged by thinking too much about
terrible, destructive and depressing things. Thinking about love in all
its glory, passion, tenderness and ability to heal must be uplifting. The
experiences I have had of loving and being loved are the peak experiences
of my life. When I think about this my energy and will to make a
contribution strengthens.

We need more love in the world. We need to use all our gifts, including
our thinking ability, to increase it. We are all doing our bit right now.
Has anyone some good successes we can learn from?

Best wishes

Nick nickheap@tesco.net

>Reason about love and you will lose your reason.
>Best wishes,
>Andrew Campbell


"Nick Heap" <nickheap@tesco.net>

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