Rhythm in Communication LO23781

From: Bruno Martins Soares (bmartins.soares@mail.EUnet.pt)
Date: 01/18/00

Replying to LO23744 --

Dear Organlearners,

Once upon a time I had a talk with my Aikido master and told him I had
been studying his Shin-ghi-tai (spirit-technique-space) dimensions to help
me study the theory of creative writing. I told him that I thought that
one interesting fact of the learning of art, for instance Aikido, was that
while begginers would breath in order to do a technique, a master would do
a technique so it respected his breathing. So begginers would manage the
shin to get to the ghi, while masters managed the ghi in order to get to
the shin.

In writing, the same thing seems to ocurr: while begginers exercice their
inspiration to come up with a good metaphor, it seems experienced writers
would come up with a metaphor to simply describe an inspired image.

When I said this, and asked my master what he thought, he put his head
between his hands and said:
"I don't know. I don't know anything anymore. Aikido doesn't make sense to
me anymore. I've learned nothing."

This struck me! I thought he was brilliant! He was studying Aikido for
twenty-five years and still he would let himself be disturbed by dumb
yellow-belter with clever ideas.

He said:
"You are very close to writing. I am very far from Aikido."
I thought it just the other way around. This man had made a long journey
and I was so, sooo far away, and he still was more willing to learn than I
was... Amazing...

This last weeks I have been here with you discussing in this lovely space,
I've learned many things. But I suddenly feel like I don't know a thing!

The discussion on rhythm has lead me towards new and innovative ideas. One
immense field I have been discovering is (can you guess?) Entropy
Production. It seems to me that as Entropy Production studies the movement
in the universe, rhythm is very closely related to it. Several people have
alerted me to this fact, not that I needed to be alerted: the concept was
an immediate shock to me. But still, I feel very far from understanding

Again, I cry for help. Can anybody please explain to me how the seven
essencialities work???

Ansiosamente espera,


"Bruno Martins Soares" <bmartins.soares@mail.EUnet.pt>

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