Rhythm in Communication LO23805

From: Winfried Dressler (winfried.dressler@voith.de)
Date: 01/21/00

Replying to LO23781 --

>Again, I cry for help. Can anybody please explain to me how the
>seven essencialities work???

Dear Bruno,

in front of my mental eye, I can visualize how your question spread the
readers of this list into various groups differently relating to it.
Besides the indifferent and among many others, there will be some hoping
that they may come closer to it this time
 - and there will be others sighing "Oh, not again."

I think, I shouldn't go deeper into it at the moment. I think that,
although you are crying for help, you love your question sufficiently so
that you don't get frustrated by not having the answer, but that you can
let the answer grow on your own fertile ground of your question.

Meanwhile I would like to hear your current answer to the following
question: What do you think are the seven essentialities about? What do
you think that they accomplish when they work, although you don't know how
they work? It must be something very valuable and important to you and I
would love to hear you sharing it with us.

Liebe Gruesse,



"Winfried Dressler" <winfried.dressler@voith.de>

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