Organisational Learning & Knowledge Management LO23799

Date: 01/20/00

Replying to LO23783 --

I agree systems dynamics is fundamental to achieving learning in and org.

One thing John didn't highlight directly was the ability of systems
dynamics modelling to manage the time issue - most fo the barriers to
leanring I experience as a practitioner are around the diffisulties in
getting feedback to leanr form. Many decisions are taken by one person
and the impact is not only in another part of the org (or another org) but
happen in a time period (could be years later?) when cause and effect
cannot be established.

Modelling can also be used as part fo the learning process i.e. involve
physicians in developing and building it - not for the purpose of creating
a model, but for the purpose of enabling them to learn more about their
'system' and place within it.

On the issue of where learning is - interesting one about it residing in
the processes. Some analogies can be found from the fields of biology and
physics and some stuff around 'fields' - the 'spaces between things' and
their importance. This starts to move us off the mechanistic, Newtonian
view of things and into a new paradigm..

Is anyone using systems dynamics modelling specifically as a learning

Sarah Fraser


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