"Nouniness" LO24146

From: dpdash@ximb.ac.in
Date: 03/09/00

Replying to LO24130 --

On 7 Mar 00, at 9:16, William Bradford Ward wrote:

> English, German, Persian, and a variety of Indo-European languages are
> 'noun' based where as Semitic languages such as Arabic are 'verb' based.
> Arabs create new nouns out of verbs as the world changes while those
> speaking English talk about 'accessing' something rather than gaining
> access to something.

I have always found comparing languages very very exciting. I am sure many
of you have found it exciting too. The point made by William Bradford is
striking although perhaps over-simplified.

I have some familiarity with the Sanskrit language (which is an eminent
member of the Indo-European language group). In Sanskrit, almost every
noun is derived from a root verb.

I understand this is also the case with Latin. Could someone throw some
more light on this please?

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Xavier Institute of Management
Bhubaneswar 751013
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