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From: William Bradford Ward (w.ward@eudoramail.com)
Date: 03/13/00

Replying to LO24146 --

Comments below

>The point made by William Bradford is
>striking although perhaps over-simplified.

I would be the first to agree that my point was oversimplified.

>I have some familiarity with the Sanskrit language (which is an eminent
>member of the Indo-European language group). In Sanskrit, almost every
>noun is derived from a root verb.

What I found interesting in another post was the case of Afrikaans which
seems to follow German language patterns. What I remember from my Persian
language classes was that verbs often consisted of a noun with a to be or
action verb attached such as 'kar mikardam' which I believe translates 'I
did [worked] work'. Please correct my German but it seems to me that this
would be 'Ich habe Arbeit gemacht' or I have made work'. Here again you
have a verb/noun combination. Of course, my conclusion is based on my
assumption that my German is correct. I am sure that there is a German
speaker who could correct my attempt to imitate German [:>)}.

>I understand this is also the case with Latin. Could someone throw some
>more light on this please?
>Prof. D. P. Dash

Bill Ward
Research Director
Arthritis Research Institute of America

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