Learning & IT in Organizations LO24459

From: Developer@cardsetc.com
Date: 04/25/00

Replying to LO24404 --

1. I believe IT is just a tool. In general, you can use it to enhance OL
and KM if you use it properly. IT can also cause obstacle to OL or KM too
if you misuse it.

A very simplified view, OL and KM are about knowledge creation, capturing,
dissemination, transfer and sharing. IT (such as groupware or workflow
solutions) plays important roles in capturing, dissemination, transfer and
sharing. Knowledge creation is the most difficult part, but IT can be used
for brainstorming. As an example, my company (where I work) use Lotus
Notes to achieve all these.

Although IT can be used to facilitate what we want to do. However, don't
forget there are a lot of human aspects that IT cannot deal with.

Not sure if you have read these but the following list might be helpful for
Argyris and Salon for OL (Argryis is the father of OL)
Peter Senge for LO
Thomas Davenport for the relationship between KM & IT
Mark McElroy for KM
Other relevant scholars / authors on top of my head that may be of your
interest are: Ikujiro Nonaka, Laurence Prusak, Mark Addleson, Laure Field,
Bruce Silver, Barry Brown.





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