LO: learning or teaching list? LO24460

From: Bill Harris (bill_harris@facilitatedsystems.com)
Date: 04/25/00

Replying to LO24456 --


I appreciate the stress between "low-tech" ASCII email and more modern
approaches. I see the advantage of graphics and nice page layout.

And yet I'm really glad this is ASCII email. I can view it in elm or
pine, if I so choose, I can view it a lot more quickly, and I can save
snippets I like without buying a new hard drive so soon. I have also
heard in this and (especially) in other groups that many would have to
drop out if we went to a binary/MIME approach. (If you do switch, I
appreciate your care regarding viruses.)

I appreciate your putting graphics on the LO site for reference; maybe we
should make more use of that. (Or you can likely find a free spot on the
Web to put a page or three, if you wish.) If graphics became heavily
used, then I'd feel like email might be outdated here.

Thanks for your work on this list.


[Host's Note: Bill, you are very welcome! ..Rick]


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