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From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 04/27/00

Replying to LO24419 --

>Winfried, you asserted:
>> *** An organization which defines it's identity
>> *** in terms of providing needs to their customers
>> *** will not emerge into a learning organization.
>How do you see it?

Morty, on a second thought (inspired by Lon Badgett):

A: 'We want to provide for our customers needs.'

B: 'Why?'

A: 'Oh, when we provide for their needs better than competition, we will
earn a price premium.'

B: 'Why do you want a price premium?'

A: 'We need it to secure our companies future.'

B: 'But why do you care about your companies future?'

A: 'Frankly, they can go down the drain... but that's where I get my money

B: 'And why do you want that money?'

A: 'Otherwise I cannot fulfill my needs.'

B: 'Well, of course you have some needs, but: What do you WANT??????'

A: 'As I said: I want to get what I need.'

B: 'Not: want to GET.'

A: 'No, no, I am prepared to GIVE as well, I don't expect anything for

B: 'What do you WANT to DO in order to MANIFEST what? What do you care
enough about to give birth to it, to create it into something out of
nothing? So that when I ask 'Why' you will answer a clear and simple:
'Because I care - and now leave or join me, but I have something to do.' '

Confusion. After a while:

A: 'Oh, you mean something like man walking on moon? No that's silly,
think of the COST!'

B: Arrrrgghh...

Does anybody here on the list care to help my two characters with their

Liebe Gruesse,



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