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Date: 05/05/00

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Claire Hilscher talked about the Shackleton Expedition, which is as good
an adventure story of exploration as any. A book titled, "Voyage of the
Narwhal," by Andrea Barrett (fictional) talks about the downside or short
sightedness of some of those early adventurers. We had a wonderful
discussion about this story in our bookclub last year. Reader of this
list might find the LO actions and people's perspectives interesting,
especially the westerners treatment of the local people and local
culture....Innuits in this story. I clipped the Amazon reference along
with one of the shorter reviews.

The New York Times

Powerful. . . . The Voyage of the Narwhal is an adventure story in the way
that Conrad's Lord Jim and The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' are adventure
stories: the story's extreme conditions and harrowing experiences, which
make for such gripping reading, are actually moral and spiritual tests
that strip away the characters' public masks and expose their innermost
drives and fears.

Best wishes to all,
Michael Bremer


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