Values and feelings LO24556

Date: 05/05/00

Replying to LO24528 --

> I would like to know what is the motivation of each of you to write to
> this list. Why do you do it? Is because you feel that your activity is
> recognized, is because you need to challenge you ideas, why?

Judging by the enthusiasm with which I scan this list for responses to my
own postings, I'd have to say that the thrill of repartee is my primary
motivation. However, I also love to challenge prevailing wisdom and have
found this easiest to do in small increments to like-minded crowds like
this one.

> I would also like to know what are the objectives of these list and
> how each of you feels that participates in achieving these objectives.

For a time I was convinced that the objective of this list was dialogue
for its own sake. Now I think that the list has as many objectives as it
has individual contributors with individual motivations. Thanks for
asking these interesting questions.


Lon Badgett "To reduce fat, use only two tablespoons of butter instead of four". (Instructions on the back of a package of dried stuffing mix I used for dinner last night)

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