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Date: 05/02/00


My name is Corina Timaru, my age is 23, I am student in Economics in my
3rd year, I am a member of AIESEC Romania since I entered University. I am
following this discussion list since almost 8 months. It is I think the
second time when I write something. I subscribed after reading 5th
Discipline by Peter Senge. I couldn't find further materials in my


I am doing Human Resources since 2 years. I love people, I think they are
mirraculous. I believe in friendship, love, sharing, goodness, trust,
empower and power of people. I am a good person, I am constantly learning
new things, my goal in life is to help the people to be happy and this is
why I will dedicate my life to them finding the best way for this goal to
be achieved.

I would like to know what is the motivation of each of you to write to
this list. Why do you do it? Is because you feel that your activity is
recognized, is because you need to challange you ideas, why?

I would would also like to know what are the objectives of these list and
how each of you feels that participates in achieving these objectives.


I am rational. I am also a warm person, carring about people. Sometimes I
see on this list people who are writting very BIG words to express things
that can be expressed simpler.
The themes are interesting, nice to discuss about and you are all very smart
I could see that. Why do you use this list only for such cold things? Do you
ever meet? Share in a personal contact your thoughts? Why when you write you
always and constantly put yourselves on a superiority position?

First I thought that is not ok for me to say the above. I am just a
student, you are all Ph.D or important people, but it makes me really
disapointed to see that you loose some values that you pretend to have,
that sometimes is more ego in here than just working together to achieve
great results. I might be wrong, but I consider myself as human as you are
and with the same right to talk about these things. You are an example for
me, you are our mentors(young people's mentors) and I just want to feel
that you are a real good example for me .

I hope you understand the point that I wanted to make. I had no intention
of ofending anyone, I just felt that you all need to look again at
yourselves with different eyes and to ask where are you going?

Thank you for reading my message
All the best

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