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Date: 05/05/00

Replying to LO24528 --

Dear Corina,

You ask an interesting question because sometimes I myself wonder why I am
part of this list. I don't even remember how I found it, probably while
researching my dissertation. I'm even surprised that I am as enthralled
with systems as I am. I can't explain it except maybe that the same love
I have always had for finding themes and patterns in literature lies at
the heart of finding themes and patterns in organizations. I truly don't
know. But I do know that what really keeps me coming back to this list ~
even when I don't have the time and sometimes not enough patience to read
some of the contributions ~ is the fact that I always learn something.
And one of the best things I've learned and that fascinates me continually
is how many different kinds of people are involved in this learning
organization "thing."

  And how they somehow share this common interest that takes some very
uncommon forms. I guess I thought at first everyone was going to be a
Peter Senge or a Deming or a Drucker, and that's not it at all. I am
fascinated by what interests some people and clearly doesn't interest
others, how they kind of sort themselves out and come at topics from
different directions. Just watching this listserv is actually a real
lesson in systems, I think, especially when a topic strikes a collective
nerve and the whole listserve gets agitated for a while. And then it sort
of balances itself until the next stimulus. I wish I had the time and
resources to study all the archived e-mails from this listserv. I bet it
would make a fascinating systems study all by itself. Anyway, that's why
I'm here, lurking, taking a nibble now and then on something that whets my
appetite, not feeling compelled to sample everything. and storing away the
comments and ideas that resonate. Harriett.

Harriett J. Robles


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