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From: David Engle (
Date: 05/05/00

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Hello Corina,

corina timaru wrote:

> First I thought that is not ok for me to say the above. I am just a
> student, you are all Ph.D or important people, but it makes me really
> disapointed to see that you loose some values that you pretend to have,
> that sometimes is more ego in here than just working together to achieve
> great results. I might be wrong, but I consider myself as human as you are
> and with the same right to talk about these things. You are an example for
> me, you are our mentors(young people's mentors) and I just want to feel
> that you are a real good example for me .
> I hope you understand the point that I wanted to make. I had no intention
> of ofending anyone, I just felt that you all need to look again at
> yourselves with different eyes and to ask where are you going?

Thank you for fully expressing yourself. I appreciate your contribution
to this list. A contribution like yours is one reason I belong to this
list - to hear my colleagues speak from their heart.



David Engle <>

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