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From: Sajeela M ramsey (
Date: 05/06/00

Replying to LO24528 --

Dearest Corina and other co-learners,

Regarding your queries:
> I would like to know what is the motivation of each of you to write
> to
> this list. Why do you do it? Is because you feel that your activity
> is
> recognized, is because you need to challange you ideas, why?

I joined this listserve recently and contribute to it because it is
hopefully a learning network that is mutually enriching for all of us.
> I would would also like to know what are the objectives of these
> list and
> how each of you feels that participates in achieving these
> objectives.

Yes, I would also like to know about this. I believe we are defining this
as we go along, but I am unclear. I suspect the objective is to learn and
grow through exchanging ideas about learning and related subjects.
> Sometimes I see on this list people who are writting very BIG words to
> express
> things that can be expressed simpler. Why do you use this list only
> for such cold
> things? Why when you write you always and constantly put yourselves on
> a superiority >position? First I thought that is not ok for me to say
> the above. I am just a
> student, you are all Ph.D or important people, but it makes me really
> disapointed to >see that you loose some values that you pretend to have,
> that sometimes is more ego >in here than just working together to
> achieve great results.

Bravo Corina! I hope you always remain honest and reflective. If the
objective is to learn through an exchange of ideas then I agree with you
that care must be taken by each of us to make certain we contribute in
such a way that is of mutual benefit to everyone. Of course I have written
about this previously, and most recently posted a message about women's
ways of learning. It seems to me that this list serve is somewhat
dominated by a Socratic style of communication (impersonal abstract thesis
is posed and then challenged), which can be very off-putting to those
whose style is to seek intimacy and equality through connected

I feel very responsive to what you are saying and hope you will
participate in the list serve more often. It is likely that because we
don't participate the balance between separate knowing and connected
understanding gets skewed.

Bright Spring Blessings,
Sajeela Moskowitz Ramsey, President - CORE Consulting
Center for Organizational Renewal and Effectiveness
2432 Villanova Drive/Vienna, VA. 22180
703 573 7050/ SajeelaCore


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