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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 05/20/00

Replying to LO24640 --

Hello Morty and other life long changers,

Thank you repeating in your words what i tried to say. I also think and
feel that people act consistently with their beliefs, do what they feel is
{"right", "good", the way, what moves or matters for them}. I use the term
"feel resistance" when people are confronted with was is not consistent
with their belief and i thought that i said that in this feeling of
resistance is the learning. People {move, act, change behave} according to
the law of the least action. This law makes them move at different speeds
on different grounds, on different believes and so it feels like dragging
their feet, expresses itself as resistance, bad, wrong.

But only in the context of their own beliefs. I also think that we can
learn to "handle", "use", appriciate and travel these other beliefs. I
doubt only that we can make beliefs go away, i wish i could, but that is
because you belief that people can transform their life's and thereby the
world and i belief that we have to transform ourselves - if we want to
develop - but are unable to make beliefs go away, because they matter.

You tried to create a nice double-bind with your belief that people
believe that their beliefs can not be changed and that that is the first
belief that has to change. I almost was caught, but i'll R-create it into
a paradox:

First belief: beliefs can be changed
Second belief: do not change the first belief.

Or: a prophet in a certain land doesn't believe any prophet in that land.
Will he believe himself?

You seem to me to a strong Mythical person and have a natural belief in
will power: things only change when I* want it to change. I've learned
that some people need to accept others and their change processes first -
by feeling what matters for these other people. Others learn by applying
rules and truths, creating systems of thought, and others again only
change by working the rituals - the very antithesis of change, one might

 - Behold, i speak and say unto you: "Change is dead. But not Change is
dead but his Murderer." -

Kind regards,

Jan Lelie

Morty Lefkoe wrote:

> I don't want to sound like a broken record, but so many posts state that
> people resist change, that resistance is natural -- that I have to speak
> up again. This thesis is so taken for granted that it is rarely, if ever
> challenged. I challenge it.

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